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Artwork Guide

If you wish to supply us with your own print-ready artwork, then there are a number of rules to abide by to ensure the best quality production.

The preferred way to supply us with your artwork is in PDF format.

Images must be provided in high resolution of at least 300dpi to 350dpi. A good quality image on screen may appear very low standard on print unless the resolution is significantly high.

If artwork is generated at a lower resolution, then the quality of the final printed job will be affected.

Images can be supplied in either JPEG, TIF or EPS format but do not submit images in a GIF or BITMAP file.

Also avoid any images taken directly form the Internet as they will be of a poor standard and we can only produce a high quality product if the image you provide us is also of the highest quality.

We request that all files supplied must be based in the High Res CMYK Version 4 colour mode for the best results.

Remember that we also require that all fonts are embedded within the actual document.

One of the most important features of supplying print-ready artwork is the bleed allowance.

You must include 3mm bleed allowance specifically for finishing and guillotine purposes. This means that any unprinted spaces found on the edges of the document will be trimmed to the correct size.

In which case if images bleed off the page they should be extended to overhang by at least 3mm off each of the edges.

As a matter of course we also suggest that any text and borders be at least 5mm from the edges of the page.

Remember that when designing your print-ready artwork, you work within the parameters of a recognised page size. These are: 

A1 594 x 841mm
A2 420 x 594mm
A3 297 x 420mm
A4 210 x 297mm
A5 148 x 210mm
A6 105 x 148mm
1/3 A4 210 x 99mm

Any business cards are processed at the standard size of 85 x 55mm.